The Eternal Focus


Adapted from St. Augustine (354-430)

My God, let me know and love You, so that I may find my happiness in You. Since I cannot fully achieve this on earth, help me to improve daily until I may do so to the full. Enable me to know You ever more on earth, so that I may know You perfectly in heaven. In that way, my joy may be great on earth, and perfect with You in heaven. O God of truth, grant me the happiness of heaven so that my joy may be full in accord with Your promise. In the meantime let my mind dwell on that happiness, my tongue speak of it, my heart pine for it, my mouth pronounce it, my soul hunger for it, my flesh thirst for it, and my entire being desire it until I enter through death in the joy of my Lord forever–Amen. 

Devotional Readings

Charles Spurgeon Devotionals from “Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith”
Galatians 6:8

‘He that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting’  Galatians 6:8 Sowing looks like a losing business, for we put good corn into the ground never to see it any more. Sowing to the Spirit seems a very fanciful, dreamy business; for we deny ourselves, and apparently get nothing for it. Yet if we sow to the Spirit by studying to live unto God, seeking to obey the will of God, and laying ourselves out to promote his honour, we shall not sow in vain. Life shall be our reward, even everlasting life. This we enjoy here as we enter into the knowledge of God, communion with God, and enjoyment of God. This life flows on like an ever-deepening, ever-widening river, till it bears us to the ocean of infinite felicity, where the life of God is ours for ever and ever. Let us not this day sow to our flesh, for the harvest will be corruption, since flesh always tends that way; but with holy self-conquest let us live for the  highest, purest, and most spiritual ends, seeking to honour our most holy Lord by obeying his most gracious Spirit. What a harvest will that be when we reap life everlasting! What sheaves of endless bliss will be reaped! What a festival will that harvest be! Lord, make us such reapers, for thy Son’s sake. 

Elisabeth Elliot’s writings from Keep a Quiet Heart


When you need to remember the promise of life in the world to come