I am sitting outside trying to start my day positively and having a conversation with the Lord. My mind is going in every direction,this morning, as I reflect on the diagnosis I was given by my doctor!  I have had a mini concert of my own, singing songs that touch me and thinking about the journey I may be facing.  I close my eyes and put a picture in my mind of me walking with Jesus. First he sees me coming! His arms are wide open and he is smiling! I picture myself as a small child with my arms wrapped around his waist and I am hugging him.  He leads me by the still waters. He takes my hand and we begin our walk up the mountain.  He is my Father God! We are beginning another journey hand in hand! I will not be afraid because he will not leave my side!  We begin to walk and I ask “Where are we going?”  He replies, “I know where we are going! Just follow me and don”t be afraid!  Trust me every step of the way and I will take you to where you are supposed to be!  We will talk and laugh and cry on our journey and love each other with every step we take!”  This is the picture I am putting in my mind and this is the way I am starting my day and this is the way I am starting my journey!  I will start my journey strong, with a smile on my face because he is with me! If I am approaching my final days, I must remember it is not the end but is just the beginning!!!