Our Father, grant us this day the sense of Your presence to cheer and Your light to direct us. Give us strength for Your service. And yet more, Father, give us Your own help and blessing in our sorrows, our faintness, our failure and sin. You know we cannot bear our burdens alone. We are as little children. The world seems very dark to us, and our path very hard, if we are alone. But we know we are Your little children. And so we know we can come to our Father to ask You to help us, enliven us, strengthen us and give us hope. We are not ashamed of our tears, for our Lord has wept with us. We do not ask You to take away our sorrow, for He was made perfect through suffering. But we do ask You, our Father, to be with us as You were with Him. Remain close to Your little ones, even as He has promised – Amen.