O God, who are and was and is yet to come, before Your face the generations rise and pass away. Age after age the living seek You, and find that of Your faithfulness there is no end. Our fathers in their days on earth walked by Your guidance and rested on Your compassion. Still to their children, be to them the cloud by day and the fire by night. In our many temptations, You alone know and are ever near. In sorrow, Your pity revives the fainting soul. In our prosperity and ease, it is Your spirit only that can wean us from our pride and keep us humble. O, You are the sole Source of peace and righteousness! Take now the veil from every heart and join us in one communion with Your prophets and saints who have trusted in You, and were not ashamed. Not due to our worthiness, but due to Your tender mercy, hear our prayer – Amen.