‘Now will I rise, saith the LORD; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up myself’

Isaiah 33:10

When the spoilers had made the land as waste as if devoured by locusts, and the warriors who had defended the country sat down and wept like women, then the Lord came to the rescue. When travellers ceased from the roads to Zion, and Bashan and Carmel were as vineyards from which the fruit had failed, then the Lord arose. God is exalted in the midst of an afflicted people, for they seek his face and trust him. He is still more exalted when in answer to their cries he lifts up himself to deliver them and overthrow their enemies.

Is it a day of sorrow with us? Let us now expect to see the Lord glorified in our deliverance. Are we drawn out in fervent prayer? Do we cry day and night unto him? Then the set time for his grace is near. God will lift up himself at the right season. He will arise when it will be most for the display of his glory. We wish for his glory more than we long for our own deliverance. Let the Lord be exalted, and our chief desire be obtained.

Lord, help us in such a way that we may see that thou thyself art working. May we magnify thee in our inmost souls. Make all around us to see how good and great a God thou art.