O Lord our governor, we beseech Thee, of Thy mercy,
That we may have the heavenly vision,
And behold things as they seem unto Thee,
That the turmoil of this world may be seen by us
To be bringing forth the sweet peace of the eternal years,
And that in all the troubles and sorrows or our own hearts
We may behold good, and so, with quiet mind
And inward peace, careless of outward storm,
We may do the duty of life which brings to us
A quiet heart, ever trusting in Thee.

We give Thee thanks for all Thy mercy.
We beseech Thy forgiveness of all our sins.
We pray Thy guidance in all things,
Thy presence in the hour of death,
Thy glory in the life to come.
Of Thy mercy hear us,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

George Dawson, 1821-1876