Heavenly and eternal Father, Source of all being, from whom I spring and to whom  I shall return–I will forever be Yours. You will call me to Yourself when my hour comes. Blessed shall I then be if I can say, “I have fought a good fight.” I do not fear death, O Father of life. Death is not eternal sleep; it is the transition to a new life, a moment of glorious transition, an ascension towards You. How could that be an evil which comes from Your hand, when You are the All-good! Lord of life and death, I am in Your hand. Do with me as You see best, for what You do is done well. When You called me from nothing into life, You willed my happiness. When You call me away from life, will my happiness be less Your concern? No, no, You are love. Whoever dwells in love, dwells in you, O Lord, and You in him–Amen.